Helpline No 24 X 7 : 88 00 82 11 80
E-mail ID :
Whatsapp No : 88 00 82 11 80
Frequently Asked Questions & answers :-
What are the products you manufacture or supply?

Caps :- Promotional Caps, Advertising caps, Industrial Caps, Golf caps,Events caps, Marketing caps, Fashion Caps, Sports Caps, Side Caps, School Caps, Army Caps, Tourist Caps, Summer Caps, Official Caps, Hats, Baby Caps, Printed Caps, Embroidery Caps, Embroidery Hats, Customized Caps.

Bags:- Executive Bags, Laptop Bags, Travel Bags, Hand Bags, Carry Bags Etc.

T-shirts:- Promotional T-shirts, Customized Logo Printed T-shirts, Polo T-Shirt, Round Neck with Slogan, Cotton T-shirts, Sweat T-shirts, Collar t-Shirts,

Uniforms:- We Manufacture & Supply all kinds of hotels & restaurants uniforms, including Chef Coats, Chef Caps, Chef Aprons, Blazer, Corporate Uniforms, College Uniforms, Office Staff Uniforms, Factory Workers Uniforms, Security Guard Uniforms, Housekeeping Uniforms, Sweeper Uniforms, Kitchen Uniforms, Driver Uniforms, Gardeners Uniforms, Store Uniforms, Hospital Uniforms, Lab Uniforms Etc.

Other Items:- File & Folders, Key Rings, Leather Key Rings, Plastic keyring, wooden keyrings.

Is there any minimum quantity requirements?
As such there is no minimum quantity requirements. But higher the quantity, better the prices.

How can I place an order?
If you want to place an individual order or you need small quantities please mail us at with your requirements and we'll get back within 24 hours.

If you are placing a corporate or bulk order and your office is in Delhi, than you may call us at
88 00 82 11 80, 96 50 02 33 52 to fix up a meeting or mail us your requirements details.
" Product Code / Color / Size / Quanity "at

How do I send you the artwork of logo to be printed/embroidered?
You can send the artwork on email: or you can send a CD/DVD. If sending by email make sure image & logo should be in high resolution (300 dpi or above). Your artwork can be in these formats; corel draw, photo shop (eps) or jpg. If you want a slogan t-shirt then send the slogan in the same font you want it to be printed on your t-shirt.

What are the processes you use for customization?
For T-shirts, jackets and caps, we use screen printing, thermal printing or heat transfer according to the artwork / logo requirements.
Embroidery is done on latest imported computerized machines.

Do you sell plain Caps, Bags, T-shirts?
Yes, all the caps, hats, Bags, T-shirts, & Uniforms you see in our ranges are for sale Plain, Embroidered or Printed.

Do you have a Factory?
Yes, Our factory is located in Delhi, Open between ( 10:30 AM- to 6:30 PM ).
Please call for an appointment on 88 00 82 11 80 , 96 50 02 33 52

What is your order turnaround time?
About a week from sign off. For emergencies, We do offer a Guaranteed 72 Hour Service on selected items.

Can I mix styles, colours & sizes in my printed or embroidered caps order?
Yes, of course. The order can be exactly what you require.

Can I place my order from any city of INDIA
Yes sure, You can place your order from all over India, All the order would be Deliver from Delhi Office to your address.

What is the Cap manufacturing capacity?
Manufacturing capacity is 1000 to 1500 Caps Per Day.

What is the price range of your caps?
We Provide Large Variety & Different Range of Caps.
(1) Lowest Quality Caps Starting From -----» Rs. 16/-
(2) Lowest Quality Caps Starting From -----» Rs. 21/-
(3) Medium Quality Caps Starting From -----» Rs. 35/-
(4) High Quality Caps Starting From -----» Rs. 75/-
Print, Embroidery, & Transportation charges extra.

What is the price range of your Hats?
We Provide Large Variety & Different Range of Hatss.
(1) Low Quality Hats Starting From -----» Rs. 85/-
(2) Medium Quality Hats Starting From -----» Rs. 115/-
(2) High Quality Hats Starting From -----» Rs. 200/-
Print, Embroidery, & Transportation charges extra.

What is the price range of your T-shirts?
We Provide Large Variety & Different Range of T-shirts.
(1) Low Quality Polo T-shirts Starting From -----» Rs. 125/-
(2) Low Quality Round Neck T-shirts Starting From -----» Rs. 60/-

Print, Embroidery, & Transportation Charges extra.

What is the price range of your Chef Coats?
We Provide Large Variety & Different Range of Chef Coats.
(1) Chef Coats Starting From -----» Rs. 450/-
Print, Embroidery, & Transportation charges extra.

What is the price range of your Key Rings?
We Provide Large Variety & Different Range of Key Rings.
(1) Key Rings Starting From -----» Rs. 8/-
Print & Transportation charges extra.

How many days will it take for shipping the item?
In normal circumstances your product will be shipped in 7 to 10 working days depending on order quantity and job work involved. We will inform you of lead time at the time of placing the order.

How do I track my orders?
Once your item is shipped, we provide you with the airway bill number, Then You can track your consignment status online on courier company's web site.

Can I cancel my order?
Orders once placed cannot be canceled.

Can I change my order after booking the order ?
Once order placed cannot be change, No Return, No Exchange, No Refund, No Excuse, even you bought the wrong one by mistake.
So please be 100% sure regarding your order, before placing any order.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Company does not take any responsibility toward color fading, shrinkage, Pilling, de-shaping Etc.
2. Goods once sold will not be taken back.
3. No claims will be accepted towards printing and embroidery.
4. VAT, CST, CGST, SGST, IGST, and any other taxes applicable, and transportation charges will be charged extra.
5. 50% advance will be taken at the time of booking the order and balance amount one day before dispatch the Goods.
6. All the rates given are for respective size sets. Extra rate would be charged if per-assorted size sets are not taken.
7. Buyer would be liable for any kind of damage incurred to goods during transportation.
8. Prices are subjects to change without any prior information. Please confirm the current Price before booking any orders.
9. Colors in fabric may be little bit different from actual fabric color.
10. We are not responsible for any breakage, Damage and schedule delay due to transportations.
11. All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
12. Interest @24 p.a. will be charges if bill is not paid on due date.
13. Our responsibility ceases of as soon as the goods are handed over to the carrier.